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Just launched our newest single ordigin. Tanzania from Mt. Kilimanjaro. Available in all 3 sizes.

Stop into the roastery to donate to our thre charities we will support this year. No cost to you. Our charities include, Friends of Stark Dog Pound, Tunnels to Towers and St. Jude Childrens Cancer Reserch and hospital.

Thank you.

Africa Swiss Water Decaf, available in various bag sizes
Africa Swiss Water Decaf, available in various bag sizes
A single bag of Africa Swiss Water Decaf
Africa Swiss Water Decaf,, ready to make a fresh cup of coffee!
The different grind options are fine course, medium, k cup, pour over, and whole bean

African, Swiss Water Decaf


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Notes: Coco, Caramel, Nice Sweetness, Smooth Body 

Roast: Medium

Our decaf was created for those of us that aren’t willing to sacrifice flavor for less caffeine. Clients have said it is one of the most tasteful decaf coffees they have ever had - with notes of cocoa, and caramel! This is a 100% arabica coffee with a smooth and rich flavor.

Common preparation styles: Drip, French Roast, Aeropress, Pour over and Espresso

** Freshness **

Whole bean coffee normally maintains its freshness for about two months.  Ground coffee usually is best if used within two to three weeks.

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