Whole Bean, Fine, Medium, Coarse, What is the Real Difference?

    When you purchase your coffee you need to decide how you want it ground. This affects the whole process of making your coffee correctly. Whole beans cannot be used for making your coffee in any coffee maker today. We can supply you whole bean coffee and you will need to grind it according to the process you will make it in.  

      The whole bean is self explanatory, not cut or ground. The Coarse grind is the largest grind. Usually about the consistency of Kosher salt, The medium grind is very similar to Sea Salt, and  The Fine grind has the consistency of table salt. There are also many other variations of grinding, but we will stay with the most common today. We have the capability

     If you want the best quality out of your coffee, you need to know what type of coffee maker you are using. Manufacturers often recommend a starting grind for their particular equipment. The grind of a French Press vs. a pour over is quite different as is all methods. Once you decide which process you will use, then you grind your coffee accordingly. For instance, a coarse grind used for a French Press is perfect in that the filter (screen), used to press the coffee grinds is more open and the coffee is fully immersed in your water. The Medium grind for your coffee beans is used for regular drip coffee makers.  Again the filters and water extraction of this particular machine determines its proper grind. The fine grind is commonly used in coffee shops for making espresso and Aeropress equipment. All of the different types of coffee making equipment determine the grind best for its specific purpose. Filters, immersion of the grounds, pour over  need to be considered on how you grind your coffee.  

     One important factor in coffee grinding is the taste. If the coffee is too weak, you may need to add more coffee, too strong, less coffee. There are many charts available online for you to determine the proper grind of your coffee. If your coffee is too coarse the taste may be sour, underwhelming, or tea-like.  A dull, salty, or beefy finish may call for extracting less coffee. Practice using various grinds until you determine the best possible grind for your coffee maker.  

      We recommend you grind your coffee right before you wish to drink it. It will be the freshest and save you money as you will use the right amount providing a great taste just for you. Using a Burr grinder vs. a blade grinder will also save you money as the grind will be consistent and done the way you want it. Many Burr grinders come with burrs that you can change when they become dull. Blade grinders often do not grind equally or consistently  This is when your coffee doesn’t taste the same every time and you waste coffee trying to make it right.  

     We believe that the perfect coffee beans deserve the best grind for your specific coffee maker.  Whether you have the most ultra modern super coffee maker or Grandmas 1958 percolator it is all good.  Grind your coffee right with good water at the right temp and you will be on target for a fresh roasted, fresh ground brew just the way you like it. 

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