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Tutti Frutti
Tutti Frutti
Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti


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Blends of: Guatemala & Ethiopia 
Roast: Light-Medium


Exactly what its name indicates, a sweeter coffee created from our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Guatemala.  We decided we needed a special coffee for those who have a sweet tooth.  Providing  notes of Strawberry, Cherry, Cantaloupe, Blueberry and Orange.  If you need a sweet pick me up, a smooth taste and fruitful finish, this may be for you.   

You can purchase our Tutti Frutti whole bean or ground for your favorite way to make coffee.  Whole bean coffee normally maintains its freshness for about two months.  Ground coffee usually is best if used within two to three weeks.  You can decide which way is best for you when ordering.  The taste will not change either way.  Preparation of your coffee is simple.  When you are ready for drinking your coffee it must be ground to your specific coffee making procedure.  There are many ways to make coffee and all. Are good if done right.   Some common examples  are Drip, French Roast, Aeropress, Pour over and Espresso to just name a few.  We have 10 ways  to make coffee in our own home.  The way you make your coffee in your home or office can be the best tasting coffee available for you.  Knowing the right procedures is essential.  Having great fresh roasted coffee as our Tutti Frutti is a good start.   

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