On the ninth day of Coffee we bring to you Espresso by Cherry Blend Coffee Roasters!

What is our Second Course Espresso? Coffee wise, it is our blend of our Brazil and Guatemala coffee beans. Roasted dark with an amazing taste all in one package. If you want a nice dark coffee and it has to be perfect for making the espresso shot you desire every morning or a great after dinner drink, you have found it! This is a very special blend that some of our clients have stated it is the best they ever had! This second course espresso is the perfect coffee to enjoy with Grandma's Apple Pie! After all you should never overpower the taste of your favorite dessert. If you're like me, dessert is an important part of any good meal. I never wanted any drink to overshadow the dessert that was created with Grandma's love and favorite recipe! Next time your having a favorite dessert and want a good cup of coffee with it, try this one. You’ll be glad you did.

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