About Us

Peggy & Terry Miller, Owners of Cherry Blend Coffee Roasters 

Peggy and I actually met at our local college where we were both students. I was good at  basic math but struggled when it came to Algebra,so I hired Peggy as a tutor to help me get through the program. I passed with flying colors, and that began our enduring relationship! We married eleven months later and started our painting business. We devoted ourselves to building a successful, residential painting business. Fast forward 22 years, we are a successful business. With over 15,000 past clients which contact us for repeat business and love our work! We built our painting business on solid ground, providing the best customer service, craftsman quality of work and dedication beyond the norm. We continue to work daily at this business and look forward to each day as if it were our first.

Trying Something New, roasting Coffee! 

Recently we decided we would like to venture into something else. The question was, what can we do? In our time off, we’ve always planned visits to coffee shops around the country. We have visited many over the past 22 years. In fact, we enjoy our coffee so much that we have eight ways to make coffee in our home! The time we relax is very important to us. We enjoy having a fresh brewed coffee after a hard day at work. The aroma, taste and feel of a hot coffee to us is our chill time! Whether it was fate or the sensation of a good coffee, we have answered our question: We will roast coffee! Building from the ground up gives us a real pleasure of accomplishment. We purchased our Roaster, attended roasting school, built our roasting shop and completed the many taxing projects to succeed as a coffee roasting business.

Everyone Loves Great Coffee! 

We now offer our excellent coffees to you, our client. We promise that we will provide you the best quality, service and products we can. We believe that customer service is vital, no matter what business we are into. We plan our roasting to provide the time and days you the client request. There is nothing worse than wanting a great cup of coffee and not having any available. Going down to the local supplier is NOT an option. Not for our client! Our clients request the best beans to brew and we darn well will do our best to provide them for you. After all, our family name rests on it.