The Best Way To Store Coffee Beans

Keeping your beans whole until you are going to make your coffee is a great way to extend the life or freshness of your coffee. We offer grinding your fresh roasted coffee, but recommend keeping them whole bean. This allows the bean to stay whole and intact keeping the freshness intact and air from dissipating the freshness.

     Never place your coffee into a freezer as it doesn’t keep it fresher and will add moisture to it. Flash freezing is one of the few ways to keep coffee fresh while frozen. This requires special equipment and processes that most people do not have available.  

     A proper way for storage is in its supplied bag from us, in a low light area with fresh air flow and a comfortable temperature. Such as your kitchen countertops back away from direct light.  

     One other way would be to purchase a container that allows your coffee to degas using a one way valve  and stay as air tight as possible. This is an expensive way to maintain your coffee. The main reason we choose the bags and degassing one way valves is for its storing purpose. Saving our client money, keeping the fresh roasted coffee as fresh as possible as long as possible. Storing in our bag will allow your whole coffee beans to stay relatively fresh for two months or more.  If ground it will be two weeks or more. This makes a lot of difference as to when you want your coffee to be fresh for.  

      Once your coffee is no longer fresh, you cannot make it fresh again. The coffee you see dated for six months to two years or longer is not fresh. It is often common in retail outlets and even many coffee shops if not rotated and sold within a period of time. Being a fresh coffee bean roaster has given us the ability to provide some of the freshest coffee available and any time for a fair price.  

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