14 Different Coffees in One Box! Our Sample Pack Helps You Find the Perfect Blend!

Traditional sample boxes are boring and often not quite all they are said to be. Typical thoughts like “I’ll try it and see if I like it” or “sure I’ll give it a try” tend to go through our minds. But, when we get that sample pack it is not very pleasing and falls short of meeting expectations. This is especially true when it comes to food and drink sample boxes. They are often not fresh and just are not that great. Let’s forget about that, because at Cherry Blend coffee Roasters, our sample pack is designed to provide you, or the gift recipient, with an experience unlike anything before from a sample pack. 


From the day we opened the doors at Cherry Blend Coffee Roasters we began offering a sample pack and we knew that it was something special that people would love! Inside of this sample pack, we pack in 14 different blends of coffee. They each come in their own resealable packages and feature a clear label with everything you need to know. Each bag contains 2 ounces of a specific blend of coffee and can be ordered in ground or whole bean variants. Now, since we provide 14 different blends inside of the pack, we wanted to ensure you could taste all blends, from all around the world. Some have notes of chocolate, some have caramel, and others have berries and fruits. There is something in each pack that you are sure to love. To keep things clear, we mark each label with what goes into making each blend unique and draw out these incredible notes. 


When it comes to the sample pack as a gift, it is great for the holidays, weddings, anniversaries, and all other events. Even the business and office workplace can get in on this and find which coffee blend the employees prefer. This gift is thoughtful and special. Now whether it be for a spouse, a parent, a friend, a boss, or a co-worker is all up to you! We know they will love this gift! 


At Cherry Blend Coffee Roasters, we encourage every new client to try the sample pack first to determine which coffee is your favorite. Then once you have worked your way through all 14 flavors you can be sure you will have a coffee you look forward to drinking in the morning, throughout the day, or in the evening. One you have decided, order a larger bag or subscribe to our choice subscription and have it shipped to your door on the schedule that fits you best. 

Give it as a gift or take it to your next event such as weddings, camping, or something else and share our amazing blends of coffee with everyone you know! With Cherry Blend Coffee Roasters, you can be confident in the sample pack that things will be clear, fresh, and delicious! 

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