The Difference Between a Coffee Shop and a Coffee Roaster

The difference between your standard coffee shop, and OUR roastery is perception and quality. When you walk into a coffee shop, you already have the expectation that you could order a latte, espresso, or any other drink and it would be made perfectly to your liking; however, you already know this isnt always the case. The barista may have years of experience and knowledge on how to create the perfect cup of coffee, OR little to no experience whatsoever! A Coffee shop's sole purpose is to allow coffee drinkers to meet in a single location and provide them with the drink of their choice. The cost of this is based on the perceived value each store puts on the products they sell.  Oftentimes the prices range from $2.00 a cup and up based on what is added to make the flavor of coffee you desire. Most coffee shops and cafes purchase their coffee from a coffee roastery and then resell the same product to you at an elevated price. This makes a simple cup of coffee the highest price possible for profit to their business. For example buying a single pound of Espresso from the coffee shop may make up to 45 times the price of their cost for profit.  Cherry Blend Coffee Roasters is not a coffee shop or a cafe.  We do not sell food products, cups of coffee or have a lounge for people to relax in. Our sole purpose is to roast great coffee and sell it locally and Nationwide at a fair price.  We believe the perfect client for us is someone who loves a great cup of coffee, made the way they want it made at a fair price.  We have coffee tastings for our local clients to sample all our products every Saturday and it’s FREE!  We do have a seating area where folks can come in and sample some of our  free coffee we offer, talk coffee with us and share ideas on what they want and expect from us as a roasted coffee producer. We want to help the coffee drinker understand and realize there is more than one way to make coffee, and It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to reach this goal.  Coffee sold by our Roastery is sold by  2oz. sample bags for the new client that isn’t sure what they want.  12 and 16 oz. bags are also available for people who know what they want and need some extra available for home and or business use. Our real cost is based only on our cost and profit and doesn’t include many added costs that coffee shops and cafes add for their overhead.  Thus the cost per pound is many times less than could be expected in a cafe setting.  Saving money, fresh roasted coffees, personal service and dedication is what is offered at Cherry Blend Coffee Roastery.  Stop by anytime and share a cup on us.  

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