Ground Vs. Whole Bean Coffee

   Why would you buy whole bean coffee vs. having the roaster grind it for you? After-all, It is much easier getting up in the morning, and having a spoon ready to shovel your ground coffee into the coffee maker, Vs. having to buy a grinder and grinding your coffee every day. Additionally, Grinding coffee is a lot more work and time you could be doing what you really want to do instead.  

      Now, I will tell you something that a lot of people don’t know. Coffee ground by the bag costs you more, why you ask? Because coffee that is improperly ground will not have the full-bodied taste and aroma as coffee ground specifically for your coffee maker.  Each coffee maker functions best when it has the specific grind meant for that machine. A drip coffee maker, chemix, pour-over, air press, or one of the many other ways to make coffee should be ground for your specific maker.  

       To start with, always follow the manufacturer's recommendations for your proper grind. You may need to adjust your grind once you try your first cup. If you are over or under grind, the taste will be affected.  Whether it's too bitter, flat, strong, or weak the taste will result from your grind.  Once you find the proper grind, always use it and continue to use the same grind.  If you notice a small difference from your previous coffee, simply adjust the grind to make it just perfect again.  

      Buying whole bean is the second option. Of course you would need to buy a coffee bean grinder, and if that's the case you really need to spend a little more and buy a Burr grinder. That is the grinder that allows the beans to fall through a series of burrs and are ground to a specific size.  A decent burr grinder is more than the blade grinder, does a much better job, and saves you money in the long run.  Having perfectly ground coffee beans to a specific size will give you the very best grounds for your coffee maker.  Additionally, All beans ground to the same size from your home grinder will cause you to buy more coffee and waste much less due to its taste.  

      A perfectly ground coffee, ground right before you drink it will be the best investment you can make in your coffee choices. We know that as a consumer, your dollar needs to be used the best way possible. A small coffee grinder investment, buying the freshest beans possible from a reputable roasting company will pay for itself in a short time. 

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