Good Coffee, Bad Coffee?

Being brand new to the coffee roasting industry, does not make us a coffee expert. We decided to open our new coffee roastery based on the desire to grow a new business which we can work at for many years to come.  We have had a successful painting business the past 23 years and loved what we do.  We needed to change to a business which as we age, we can grow into it and still provide quality products and serve our clientele as we have in the past.  Growing a coffee roasting business makes sense for us.  We are Coffee Geeks or Snobs as we are peticular what we drink and how it is made.  Our own home supplies us with nine different ways to make our coffee!  Our new business located in Canton, Ohio, Cherry Blend Coffee Roasters Ltd. is the vehicle for us to complete our tasks at hand.  What we have found is that many areas of our painting business and our new Coffee Roasting business works hand in hand.  Providing a great service or product is essential.  Serving others as we wish to be served requires education, training, dedicated people and the desire to do what is right.  We have learned in a very short time that not all coffee business have the same goals.  Too many are looking for the quick buck and believe supplying an ok product or service is just fine.  As a supplier to the coffee industry, we know who handles our product determines what other people think about our product.  If the local coffee shop creates a perfect drink from the coffee beans we supply them all is well and good.  If they do not care about the products we provide and put out just an ok coffee drink, that is a show stopper.  Our 23 years as a business operator taught us that our client determines our future.  A successful transaction with our client is our goal.  We will not provide our Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans to anyone that will use them as a vehicle to just get by.  Our client is a person or business that has the same passions we have for the coffee industry and the products we represent. We look forward to many years to come serving others.  Creating a great product and supporting our work with happy, satisfied clients.  We will continue to provide Blogs as we are able to and hope you enjoyed the first of more to come.  Feel free to respond and let us know what you think.  Thank you.

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