Not just Coffee!

      After five months of opening our coffee bean roastery, we found people do care where their coffee beans come from.  Not only the quality but who supplies them and how it is roasted.  I will try to answer some vital questions for you here.  Feel free to contact us anytime for questions or concerns you may have for us.  Click Here!


Balzac Brothers

Being a small speciality coffee roaster, we roast small batches as needed.  Our goal is to roast and supply our clients fresh roasted beans soon after they are bagged.  Allowing time for the coffee beans to degass, expelling some of the Carbon Dioxide as required.  We do not stock shelves of  excess roasted coffee beans to turn stale as many outlets provide.  Correctly roasted and sold at the right time will provide the best beans possible. 

As a Family, Female, Veteran owned business is a benefit.  Having five daughters I have always encouraged my daughters to be and do whatever they want.  Veterans have run in my family for many years back to World War Two.  Myself being in the USAR for 8 years.  We are a loyal family who believes in God and Country.  dedicated to providing the best products, service and support possible for our business.  

We believe in supporting local as possible and maintaining a good relationship with all businesses.  Born and raised in NE Ohio, graduating HS and College locally, we support our clients and will be here for them.  

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