How to Properly Clean your Coffee Maker.

 We use our coffee makers daily.  Unfortunately we don’t clean it as often as needed.  A proper cleaning will help with any health issues, improve your coffee taste, eliminate any buildup that will cause your coffee to taste bitter, and stop the best and mold from forming! This could impact your health and cause an allergic reaction.

Cleaning your coffee maker often will help elevate these problems.  Cleaning the cups you use are essential also.  A proper cleaning will eliminate any coffee grounds and oils left behind.  Hand washing the exterior can be done with warm soapy water.  Clean all areas including the warming plate where spills occurs and burnt coffee often rests.  

Decalcify your machine with about 50% white vinegar and water.  Fill the reservoir with the water, vinegar mix.  Allow about 1/2 of the mix to brew as you would with your coffee.  Allow to sit for a short time in the pot.  Finish brewing the rest of the water as before.  Dump the completed pot upon completion.  Rinse all of the same areas with clean water.  Brew another pot of water only.  You can repeat if necessary.  Always clean the carafe after each use.  If it still doesn’t look bright and sparkle, fill it with warm sudsy water and a little rice.  Swirl the mixture to loosen anything attached to the sides of your carafe. You can also use a scrub brush to eliminate any debris.

Rinse thoroughly and rinse again.  If need be run another pot of water through your machine for a final rinse.  

A clean coffee maker and cups we use will enhance our coffee taste and it is important for a healthy cup also.  

Thank you. 

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