Who Invented Coffee?

No one really knows where or how coffee was discovered.  Truth is that coffee can be traced back through the centuries to coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau.  The legends say that a goat herder named Kaldi found the origin of coffee.  He noticed his herd of goats became playful and energetic after eating the berries from certain trees.  He reported this to the abbot of a local monastery.  They made a drink from the berries to see what would happen.  They discovered that drinking this special drink that they would be kept alert for hours into the evening.  They shared this new found drink with other monks and soon the word was spread.  The word spread quickly.  Once it reached the Arabian Peninsula the word spread world wide.  

     Coffee cultivation and trade spread from the Arabian Peninsula by trade routs.  By the 15th century coffee was being grown in the Yemeni district.  By the 16th century coffee had spread to Persia, Egypt, Syria and Turkey. By the 17th century Coffee made its way to Europe and continues to grow throughout the world. 

     Coffee has continued to grow as an important part of our lives.  Used for trade throughout its growth.   People want the drink, find it is valuable in their daily lives and support its growth.  Coffee houses, cafes, home and business use is a continued sought after market for coffee traders.  On the Commodity Market today it is the second most valued product under oil!

     With little really known about the inception of coffee, we all take pride in trying our hand a developing what we consider the best coffee available.  In truth though, coffee is a world product owned by all and shared by all.  The growth of coffee has given us the availability to enjoy this drink from all over the world. Enjoying it in our homes, businesses and pretty much anywhere we want to.  

Thank you.

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