Types of Coffee Grinds and Their Respective Brews.

   One very important factor in creating the best brew for you, is the grind.  Every way you enjoy coffee has its own special way to grind it.  The filters used often dictate the grind.  Having a perfect grind will bring out the best flavor and taste possible for your particular bean.  

     Let’s start with the largest grind and work through to the smallest grind and how they are used.  

     Extra Coarse grind is used for Cold brew coffee and Cowboy coffee brewing.  This is going to have a long brewing time and extract the flavor over a longer period of time.  

     Coarse grind used for a full submersion like the French Press.  For the best flavor extraction, you need a large surface area.  The water envelopes the surface of the grind and delivers the best taste for this grind.  

     Medium grind is the most common setting.  This is used for standard drip pots, cone shaped pour overs, siphon coffee and Aeropress (with 2-3 minute brew time).  

     Fine grinds are used for Espresso, Moka pots and Aeropress (with 1 minute brew time).  

     Extra Fine is pretty much only used for making Turkish coffee.  This is a special brewing method and needs very fine particles for brewing and consumption .  

     All the ways to grind coffee does have a special value for the way they are used.  Each  way to grind coffee has been tested and used correctly and will give you an excellent grind for the way you enjoy your coffee.  If you feel you need to adjust your coffee grind, don’t hesitate changing the grind to make the coffee taste the way you desire.  You may have to go to a finer grind and brew longer to extract more, or a coarser grind and / or shorter brew time to extract less.  This is a personal choice.  Our taste are defined to us individually and we have to make the choice as to what we enjoy most.  

     At Cherry Blend Coffee Roasters, We are happy to grind your coffee that you purchase from us. One of the services we offer at no charge.  You have to decide what you want as a grind and we will grind it for you.  Grinding your own coffee will give you an option to sample a few coffees before you decide what works best for you.  Making adjustments is quite acceptable and done throughout the industry.  Coffee beans change as they dry and they may need some slight adjustment to get the perfect grind you want. 

    Try various sample grinds for your specific way to make coffee that you desire.  Keep this as a starting point every time you grind your coffee.  Change the grind as needed and remember to always use fresh roasted coffee and the right water temp for the amazing coffee you desire.

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