Are Your Beans Still fresh?

    You can tell if your beans are fresh quickly and without too much work.  Ask yourself, are they from a reputable company?  Where did you purchase the coffee beans?  Are they date specific?  Where is the Roastery located?  What type of coffee beans are they?  

     Asking these questions will help you understand how the coffee industry works overall.  There are always specific changes made by some companies that determine the freshness of your coffee beans.  For instance if you buy coffee beans that are brought into the market by one specific company and they are the only ones who have the specific coffee beans, they may or may not be fresh.  Some very high end coffee roasters are able to buy their coffee beans from a specific farm.  They can determine the freshness by controlling the purchase, shipping, taste and quantity they purchase.  Usually they sell at a very high premium.  Most folks wouldn’t think of paying $100.00 per pound for coffee.  Through them, you may be obligated to pay the price for a guaranteed coffee from a specific farm.  This also does not guarantee the coffee is fresh.  

     Most roasters go through a coffee importer.  Our importer is Balzac Brothers from Charleston SC.  They purchase the coffee from sustainable farms located throughout the world.  The coffee is the freshest possible as they work with the farmers to get the latest crops available.

     Once purchased through the farms, the coffee is brought to the US in containers on ships.   The beans are then stored in humidity controlled warehouses and ready for sale to the roasters.   We then purchase our coffee from Balzac Importers and it is trucked to our roaster location here in Canton, Ohio.  

     We store our coffee in our roastery in the best environment possible for us.  Time for coffee to be best fresh from shipping in a two bag system in our shop is up to two years.  The storage and protection we provide are perfect for our location.  The coffee maintains a humidity of about 11% during this time.

     Roasting our coffee beans are completed for each  bag within 1-2 months.  Again this is excellent being the age of the coffee and conditions of storage.  We always order the freshest coffee possible and the best grade we can that contributes to its taste.  

     Once roasted, coffee needs a resting period.  This is up for question as each roaster determines the time needed for bagging, shipping and or sales. We rest our coffees for a short period of time, allowing the coffee to de gas. Releasing the built up carbon dioxide created from roasting.  At Cherry Blend Coffee Roasters, we want the best tasting, freshest coffee available for your home and business.   Roasting and resting, then bagging for sale is important for us to deliver the best taste for you.

     Once you purchase our freshly roasted coffee, using our system for delivery, you can feel comfortable storing your coffee beans for up to 3 months. At this time, you will notice a small change in taste and flavor as would be indicating the freshness is declining.  

     Plan your purchase from our Roastery based on your needs.  Have plenty, but not more than you will actually need.  We have a guarantee that our coffee is always available and ready whenever you want it.  Store extra, but only what you will use in the next month or two.  Subscribe to our FREE subscription service to have the coffee you want when you want it.  It will always be available and always fresh!  Thank you.

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