How much caffeine is in your coffee cup?

What exactly is caffeine? Caffeine is a Natural stimulant found in coffee as well as other products such as tea and coco plants. It stimulates the brain and central nervous system. Today about 90% of North Americans consume a caffeinated product daily. Once consumed, it is absorbed into the bloodstream. It does affect various organs. Mainly the brain. Allowing us to stay alert and awake by blocking adenosine that allows the brain to relax and feel tired. 

     Some effects of caffeine are alert brain, rapid heart rate, diarrhea and heartburn! Caffeine is contained in over 60 plants. Positive effects include mental alertness, improved memory and increased reaction times.  

     Little or no risk of health problems are found in caffeine consumed at a rate of about 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. This equates to about 3-4, 8 oz. cups of coffee per day. For decaf coffee drinkers, five to ten cups of decaffeinated coffee equals the same caffeine as one to two cups of regular coffee!

     We all differ in the amount of caffeine we can consume daily. Some people drinking a cup of coffee after noon will affect their sleep mode in the evening. I myself am the opposite. I can consume a shot of espresso and go to bed with an undisturbed sleep pattern!

     Based on an 8 oz. cup of regular coffee, Caffeine found in various grinds are:

      Brewed:          = 96mg.

      Brewed Decaf= 2mg.

      Espresso.       = 64mg.

      Instant.           = 64mg.


Often told, however wrong, Caffeine cannot be roasted into a coffee bean.  It also cannot be roasted out of a coffee bean!

Coffee is decaffeinated through a process by a manufacturer that eliminates caffeine using chemicals as Ethyl acetate, methylene chloride or supercritical CO2!  We purchase our decaffeinated coffee beans from a processor that decaffeinated our coffee with SWISS Water. A perfectly safe process using pure water. Using water, temperature and time to remove the caffeine.  We receive it at 99% caffeine free.  

     As with decaffeinating coffee, we cannot add caffeine to our coffees.  Some companies are adding a product as green Extract to raise the caffeination of their coffee.  

Comparisons are:

Black Label Brewed Coffee = 1555 mg. Of caffeine in 129.6 oz.

Death Wish.                           = 728 mg. Of caffeine in 60.7 oz.

Starbucks Grand Coffee       = 310 mg of caffeine in 19.4oz.

Dunkin Donuts Iced coffee 24oz. = 297mg of caffeine. 

     These companies are using Robusta beans.  Known for a burnt tire, rubbery taste.  The Robusta bean contains about 2.7% caffeine vs. the Arabica bean (we use), at 1.5% caffeine!

The Arabica bean has a pleasant often sweeter taste and excellent to drink without any additive.  Cost wise, the Robusta beans are about 1/2 the cost of Arabica beans.  That is one reason that many coffees advertised today are all about the creamers and additives they sell vs. the great tasting coffee with pleasant notes and aroma we sell from the Arabica bean.  

    Whether you are into a heavily caffeinated coffee or a less caffeinated coffee, you need to decide.  Remember that all health related info leans toward the 400 mg. Of caffeine per day or less and  taste better with out any additive. 

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