Cherry Blends 2 year anniversary

Who would have guessed that a few years ago we would be in the coffee roasting business! August 7th 2019, Cherry Blend Coffee Roasters became a reality! Having spent months training, learning from others, ordering our roaster, coffee bags, labels, green coffee, and many more items too numerous to mention in this blog, we opened our doors.  Our goal then as well as today is to provide fresh roasted coffee that tastes the best possible at a fair price for people to make in their homes and businesses. Traveling through various states, meeting and talking to different coffee bean roasters, we experienced how and why other roasters offer their services and products to coffee loving folks. The past two years we have developed our own style for our business. The services we offer, products we sell and how we operate our business comes from our lifelong experiences and goals we have set. We believe our clients are the most important people in our business. Having two years of growing  Cherry Blend Coffee Roastery has taken us down various roads in the coffee industry. We have changed our ways to service our clients by adding more and different products and proper service to our clients. Having fresh roasted coffee beans available at any given time has been a learning experience.  Adding a second coffee bean roaster has opened the door for Cherry Blend Roastery to be an exclusive roaster only service. We have the capability of roasting over 5,000 lbs. of fresh coffee per week!  There are only a handful of stand alone coffee roasters in the state of Ohio. Not opening a coffee shop has given us the opportunity to grow and develop our roastery that has no daily concerns of providing a cup of coffee and snacks to flavor the taste of clients. We have concentrated on developing fresh roasted coffee beans for home and business use only. We are proud and excited about our past and future of Cherry Blend Coffee Roasters. Through our wonderful clientele, supporters and dedicated employees, Cherry Blend Coffee Roastery  will continue to grow and we will provide improved services and products for many years to come.  

Happy  2nd Anniversary Cherry Blend Coffee Roasters!  

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