What are the health benefits of drinking coffee ?

Coffee as a benefit? Who’d guess that a beautiful, flavorful drink can add to our daily lives?  

     Coffee without additives and roasted correctly has some health benefits! Drinking 3-4 cups per day can provide health benefits. Try to avoid cream, sugar, or milk as much as possible. It is better  to add  almond or soy milk for your coffee. Natural products such as Vanilla and cinnamon can be added for taste and still be beneficial for you. Once roasted, coffee beans are loaded with Antioxidants. Paired with the coffee's magnesium it can affect the body's blood sugar levels  and possibly lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Coffee has shown improved brain functions as mood, memory and reaction time. Health sources state that coffee can improve physical performance during a workout.  Caffeine will increase adrenaline levels while releasing fatty acids from fat tissues.  Black coffee is 99% water and can help in hydration. Drinking one to two cups of coffee per day may help eliminate heart failure,  decrease chances for developing Parkinson’s disease and  help promote liver enzymes at a safe level. Coffee has been known to lower the possibility of colon cancer, risk of Alzheimer’s disease and lower chances of having a stroke, the fourth leading cause of female deaths. Negative aspects may include Increased heart rate, anxiety and raised blood pressure.  Pregnant or breast-feeding women should check with your obstetrician for their safe coffee levels. Overall a good cup of black or proper additive coffee will be a benefit for your body.  It can help you maintain a better lifestyle, body functions and tastefully good!  Find a great coffee roaster who is health conscious providing fresh roasted coffee beans that you can make and add safe ingredients that not only taste good, but good for you!

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